About Us

The Shepherd’s Center of Rock Hill is led by an active, working Board of Directors. These York County residents are involved in all aspects of their communities and provide the ideas and network from which we invite speakers and class leaders to share their talents and knowledge in our Adventures in Learning classes.

Adventures in Learning Class 2014


Donations are gratefully accepted for unrestricted or designated purposes, in honor of or in memory of a named individual.

Cash donations may be made directly to a member of the staff or Board of Directors.

Please make checks payable to Shepherd's Center of Rock Hill, Inc.

Local Origins

The Shepherd's Center of Rock Hill was founded in 1986 by three community leaders.

  • Buck Dunlap from St. John's Methodist Church
  • Jake Adams from Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church
  • Bob Merrit from Oakland Baptist Church

They believed that the Rock Hill Community would benefit from a program to meet the needs of adults 50 years and older. With some research, they learned of the Shepherd's Center, a national nonprofit organization. With their affiliation in hand they began raising funds, through donations and fundraising efforts, to begin their organization. Since the beginning Oakland Avenue Baptist Church has supplied facilities for meetings of the organization as well as office space.

National Organization

a(href='http://www.shepherdcenters.org') Shepherd's Center of America | headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, is a network of interfaith community-based organizations that provide meaning and purpose for adults throughout their mature years. SCA's role is to build and support this nationwide network of over 75 member organizations in 21 states. All Shepherd's Centers have a commonly understood mission to empower older adults to use their wisdom and skills for the good of their communities. Life long learning opportunities and social services are provided through partnerships with many faiths and the community at large. Volunteers provide the leadership for the Centers, the programming and for the in-home and community based services for their neighbors. The vision is that individuals will experience meaningful lives through all phases of their mature years.